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Puerto Vallarta: The Famous Calle Basilio Badillo

Puerto Vallarta The Famous Calle Basilio Badillo Vallarta’s one stop shop. There are many names for this side of town: For many who have lived here for years it was always called Old town, But in later years has become known as Southside and the Romantic zone. It has always welcomed expats! It has a great sense of community.
We went to this great tapas wine bar last night.It is above Dante’s art gallery on Basilio Badillo.
My husband and I shared the cheese & salami platter and then the meatballs. Everything was so fresh and tasty. We also ordered the pizza but had to take it home since we were so full. ( a good treat for lunch today) we had a nice bottle of Merlot from Argentina. Extremely inexpensive restaurant but also first class. The waiter spoke perfect English and had obviously been well trained. Since it is affiliated with the art gallery downstairs, there are pieces of art, both paintings and sculptures everywhere. The staff encourage you to wander around between courses. This place is a total spectacular venue.

Puerto Vallarta Coffee Shop: The Big Kahuna
Being Australian, we are self confessed coffee snobs. One of the biggest dilemmas of our holidays is always where to get a good coffee. Well this place is pretty much coffee nirvana! We tried all the cafes in Puerto Vallarta and this place is the best for coffee to go. Good flavoursome espresso and very good cafe latte’s. They serve in big cups so make sure that you ask for a double shot!
Pancho’s Tacos: The best Tacos Al Pastor in Puerto Vallarta. Pancho’s is a tiny shop in Zona Romantica, right on Basilio Badillo. There’s always a crowd so you won’t miss it. Definitely get the tacos al pastor (cooking on the pit in front) and a side of grilled scallions. Very affordable but cash only.
What a menu! This is a terrific breakfast place….it has been a favorite of mine and my family for several years. It has a garden dining area with orchids and lush tropical plants, a little gift shop and, Memo serves high-elevation, organic coffee from Chiapas….delicious!

In 1982, Basilio Badillo consisted of 3 small hotels and one or two businesses. In 1988, Basilio Badillo was known for three restaurants, Roberto’s Puerto Nuevo, Pizza Joe and El Tucan (run by Memo who later opened Memo’s Pancake house) . These restaurants were so successful that more restaurants and other businesses started to relocate to this area. In the mid-90’s there were 12 restaurants on the 200 block of Basilio Badillo, so for years it was known as “Restaurant Row,” or La Calle de los Cafés. Some restaurants closed, and fine shops started to take over. Now in 2015, there are more than 100 businesses in 5 short blocks of Basilio Badillo. There are 28 restaurants, 5 coffee shops, plus 5 specialty shops: chocolates, icecream, crepes, 2 bakeries. 31 shops which include fine art and folk art galleries, clothing and jewelry. There are two great theatres! There is a hospital, yoga studio, dental offices, 4 pharmacies, 8 massage parlors and more. And for more than 30 years Alano which offers several 12 step programs in English. As a result, the area has been known for some years as the best place in town to hang out.