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Puerto Vallarta Real Estate | BEST Priced Luxury Development in Marina Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | BEST Priced Luxury Development in Marina Vallarta

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In today’s video we are in Marina Vallarta, one of the most prestigious areas in Puerto Vallarta filled with shops, restaurants, cafes and a beautiful Marina promenade/ boardwalk.

The development we are checking out today is located on the other side of the HWY and about a 5 minutes walk to all of the Marina’s restaurants, bars and cafes.

Very unique development, located next to a natural preserve and in a unique climate about 2c degrees cooler than the rest of Vallarta.

Smart building with great amenities!

Best price unit is ONLY $71,000 ( at the time of filming of the video).

Completion in December 2023

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Time codes
00:00 Intro
01:29 The location of the development
02:00 Mangrove Preserve development
02:43 Let’s take a drive around
03:41 About the development

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DISCLAIMER: Even though I was a licensed real estate agent in Vancouver, Canada for over 8 years, I am not licensed in the states of Nayarit and Jalisco. This video is for the entertainment purposes only. Please ensure to speak with your real estate professional and lawyer prior to making a decision on purchasing real estate.

Developer’s prices are always subject to change and prices mentioned in the video are approximate at the time of filming the video.

My Thoughts After Living in Puerto Vallarta for One Year (this will help you)

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My thoughts after living in Puerto Vallarta for a year.
Living in PV my monthly expenses are approximately $2 000.00 USD.
In Canada it would be 2 or 3 times more expensive, also it is super easy to live on
Under $1 000.00 USD a month. (you can find information in my previous videos)
Mexico is a pretty affordable place to live.
Everything is cheaper- rentals, utilities, bills cost, food, transport.
Fantastic place with different activities of your choosing. You can bike, hike, surf, diving, snorkelling, do yoga, Pilates and much more. You won’t be bored here!

In Mexico, visiting a doctor, dentist, or buying prescriptions is affordable for almost anyone. Even without insurance. $100 USD for a specialist appointment and wait time – 1 day in most cases.

People are open and friendly and happy to share their culture. Mexicans like to have a good time and are generally easy to be around. Overall, it’s a pretty chill culture.

Mexico is such a big country, and there are a lot of places to go and to see. You can find so many beautiful destinations where to go for staycation.

There are so many options for any type of diet, this is a perfect place for vegans, vegetarians, fish lovers. Also, Mexican traditional food like tacos, tamales, burritos, quesadilla is very very delicious.

Mexican supermarkets are big, modern, and have an excellent selection of food. I find all necessary products and supplements for myself.


Time codes
00:00 – Intro
00:42 – About prices in Mexico
02:08 – Medical care
03:02 – Food in Mexico
03:48 – Mexican people
04:36 – About different kind of activities
05:36 – Staycation
06:35 – Safe or not?

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Is Puerto Vallarta safe?
One of the safest cities in Mexico, and also friendly.

What is the best season for Puerto Vallarta trip?
Normally from November to April, Rainy season stars in June and finish in October. A lot of humidity and hot

What are the COVID-19 restrictions?
We are in green, lower risk, a lot of coronavirus cases, hospitals at 10%, if your flight to Mexico you only need to say you has not the symptoms and If you had it, make sure to travel with 14 days later after you are okay. More than 30 deaths for coronavirus since July 2021

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Puerto Vallarta, el ❤️ de México Puerto Vallarta, the ❤️ of…

Puerto Vallarta, el ❤️ de México
Puerto Vallarta, the ❤️ of Mexico,

Graffiti Fest to Be Held in Puerto Vallarta This Weekend

WHAT TO DO in PUERTO VALLARTA – Sunscape All-Inclusive Resort – Carnival Panorama Cruise

It is the first warm day of the cruise on our last port in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! And it is time to hit the beach! We have a day pass at Sunscape All-Inclusive Resort. Beautiful resort, giant pool and amazing views with mountains all around and the Pacific in front of us!

Once back on the ship, we have a full evening ahead of us! Burgers, water slides, a great show… and the 80’s Glow Party! It was a fabulous day!

#puertovallarta #carnivalpanorama #80sGlowParty

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Full Puerto Vallarta Malecon/Boardwalk Walking Tour | Romantic…

Full Puerto Vallarta Malecon/Boardwalk Walking Tour | Romantic Zone & Do…

Recorrido a pie de todo el Malecón de Puerto Vallarta | Zona Romántica y Centro (24 de marzo 2022)

Paseo a pie completo por el Malecón de Puerto Vallarta ttps:// desde el Parque Lázaro Cárdenas en la Zona Romántica (calle Venustiano Carranza) por el puente peatonal sobre el Río Cuale, el Malecón II y el Malecón Tradicional hasta calle 31 de Octubre el final del malecón por el lado norte y la escultura Los Milenios, paseando por el centro de Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México. Filmado el 24 de marzo del 2022 por Saúl Manzo

00:00 Calle Venustiano Carranza, Zona Romántica
00:09 Anfiteatro Lazaro Cárdenas
00:55 Calle Lázaro Cárdenas y el Malecón
01:00 Canto del Mar (izquierda)
01:07 Burros Bar & Restaurant
01:39 The Red Onion (izquierda)
01:46 OXXO
01:56 Calle Francisco I. Madero
02:06 La Langosta Loca
02:33 Playa Olas Altas (izquierda)
02:49 Restaurante The Sea Monkey
03:08 Calle Aquiles Serdán
03:21 Playa Olas Altas
03:54 Playa Olas Altas vista en dron
04:10 La Lavandera, Jim Demetro
04:43 Puente del Río Cuale (peatonal)
05:10 Condominio Molino de Agua
05:20 Mirador del Puente del Río Cuale
05:44 Puente del Río Cuale vista dron
06:18 Escaleras a Isla del Río Cuale
06:35 Río del Cuale (Río Cuale)
07:08 Escaleras a Mercado Plaza Juárez
07:48 Malecón II (extremo sur)
07:56 Restaurante bar Xolo (derecha)
08:48 Calle Agustín Rodríguez
09:38 San Pascual Bailón, obra de José Ramiz Barquet
09:56 Calle Libertad
10:06 Eriza-Dos, Maritza Vázquez (BLU)
10:39 Calle Guerrero
10:49 Bailarines de Vallarta/Vallarta Dancers, Jim Demetro
11:01 Roberto’s Restaurant
11:08 Vendedores de Pescado, obra de Manuel Lepe Macedo
11:20 Ex-Museo Histórico Naval de Puerto Vallarta
11:44 Calle Zaragoza extremo norte del Malecón II
11:54 La Fuente de la Amistad, James “Bud” Bottoms y Octavio González
12:44 Explanada/Anfiiteatro/Teatro al aire libre Aquiles Serdán
12:59 Los Arcos del Malecón
13:24 Plaza de Armas de Puerto Vallarta y la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
13:45 Presidencia Municipal/Ayuntamiento
14:12 Malecón tradicional de Puerto Vallarta
15:01 Letrero de Puerto Vallarta (Letras de PV), Carlos Terréz y Manuel Lepe
15:11 El Niño sobre el Caballo de Mar, obra de Rafael Zamarripa
16:09 Tritón y Sirena, obra de Carlos Espino
16:46 Escultura de arena
17:15 Calle Galeana y el Malecón
17:29 Lluvia, Jovian
18:07 Caminando por el Malecón de Vallarta
18:35 Calle Corona (Street)
18:48 En Busca de la Razón, obra de Sergio Bustamante
19:54 Calle Aldama
20:04 La Rotonda del Mar, Alejandro Colunga
20:44 Oyster Grill
20:51 La Vaquita
20:58 Zoo
21:11 Mandala
21:28 Calle Abasolo
21:38 La Naturaleza Como Madre, Adrián Reynoso
21:50 Playa del Malecón
22:26 Calle Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez
22:39 El Unicornio de la Buena Fortuna, Aníbal Riebeling
23:20 Balanceando rocas
23:30 Calle Leona Vicario
23:41 El Sutil Comepiedras, obra de Jonás Gutiérrez
24:04 Los Voladores de Papantla
24:39 Calle Pípila
24:50 Nostalgia, obre de José Ramiz Barquet
25:16 Escultura de arena
25:47 Calle Allende
25:57 Origen y Destino, obra de Pedro Torres Tello
26:25 La Bodeguita del Medio restaurante (derecha)
26:35 WC Público
26:41 Plaza Malecón (derecha)
27:14 Restaurante El Malecón
27:28 Extremo norte del Malecón de Puerto Vallarta
27:36 Calle 31 de Octubre
27:44 Hotel Rosita (derecha)
28:08 Los Milenios, obra de Mathis Lidice
28:39 Playa del Malecón, extremo norte

Puerto Vallarta Jalisco México Guía de Viajes

Recorrido a pie de todo el Malecón de Puerto Vallarta | Zona…

Recorrido a pie de todo el Malecón de Puerto Vallarta | Zona Romántica y…