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Puerto Vallarta – 8 Things First Timers Need to Know – Why People Love PV and Why We Won't Go Back!

If you are a newbie going to Puerto Vallarta, here are the helpful things to know while planning your trip! Don’t miss the part 1 video that covers our Top 10 places to go & things to do

Part 1 – Top 10 Puerto Vallarta Vacation:

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Things we wanted to do, but didn’t get to:
1. Hidden Beach –
2. Food Tours –

Restaurants we would try if we go back:
1. Barcelona Tapas
2. Gaby’s
3. La Palapa
4. Cafe’ de Olla
5. Los Muertos Brewery & Pizza

Hurricane Enrique in Puerto Vallarta

Hurricane Enrique passed over the Bay of Banderas a few days ago. Luckily it didn’t bring any storms to Puerto Vallarta!

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Arrival to Puerto Vallarta Airport – What You Need To Know 2021

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An update on documents and paperwork that is required for entering mexico and puerto vallarta in 2021.

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Rainy Season in Puerto Vallarta 2021| When is the Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta 2021?

Planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta and wondering when is the best time to visit? In this video, we tell you about the seasons and the best weather to visit Puerto Vallarta.

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Por las calles de Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Travel Vlog (The Side You DIDN'T Expect)

In this Puerto Vallarta Mexico travel vlog I will be taking you with me as I discover the side of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico you likely didn’t know existed. This Puerto Vallarta Vlog will take you beyond the resorts of Puerto Vallarta to show you beautiful cobblestone streets and plazas, an incredible art scene, and of course, the white sand beaches. During my trip to Puerto Vallarta, I discovered the magical side to this charming city beyond the fancy hotels and all inclusive resorts, so let me show you all of the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta for your next vacation.

To start off the day, we visited the 5th of December neighborhood (5 De Diciembre), which is less frequented by tourists and is home to lots of long term expats, a beautiful church, and quaint plazas. After strolling through the Cinco De Diciembre neighborhood, we continued walking south to El Centro (The Center) of Puerto Vallarta. The El Centro neighborhood has lots of beautiful streets and tons of creative street art. The art scene in Puerto Vallarta really surprised me, and is a must see when visiting PV, Mexico!

After exploring El Centro and the Malecon (The Boardwalk), we hiked up to the best viewpoint in Puerto Vallarta, called Mirador Cerro De La Cruz. After a short ~20 minute hike you will be rewarded with stunning views of Puerto Vallarta’s red roof homes and beautiful beaches. Next, we walked through the famous Zona Romantica, also known as Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town. The Old Town is full of shops, restaurants, and the famous church, which looks just like the Corona Beer logo with the crown on top.

After exploring the Zona Romantica neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta, we visited one of the most unique flea markets I have ever been to, Mercado Isla Cuale (Isla Cuale Market). What makes this market special is that it sits on a little island in the middle of Puerto Vallarta. To get to the Isla Cuale Flea Market you have to walk across a suspension bridge, adding to the charm of this special market. To end the day we visited some of Puerto Vallarta’s famous beaches to swim in the blue water and watch an absolutely incredible sunset.

I hope you can now see the charm of Puerto Vallarta beyond the fancy hotels and resorts!

0:00 Intro
1:04 Puerto Vallarta Explained
2:02 5th of December Neighborhood
2:44 El Centro and Street Art
3:29 Incredible City Viewpoint
4:21 Exploring Old Town
6:05 The BEST beaches and sunset

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If you are new to my channel, Welcome! My name is Matt and I recently QUIT my job and traveled around the beautiful islands of Maui and Oahu, Hawaii. After a few weeks exploring Guatemala, I am currently traveling around the incredible country of Mexico!

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🇲🇽 MAZATLÁN, SINALOA, MEXICO – Welcome to another Travel Mexico 2021 video! This is part 8 of my (planned) 24 episode series coming from (mainly) Northern Mexico! Today we’re in the state of Sinaloa – we’re not asking the questions, “is Sinaloa safe?”, or talking about the Sinaloa cartel. Instead, we’re focusing on Mazatlán, a beach destination which may be passed over in favour of some of Mexico’s best beaches in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. But, is it better than Puerto Vallarta?

Is Mazatlán a suitable location for a gringo or perhaps an expat couple moving to Mexico? We’ll cover that more in the next video which will go into some of the detail and some of my observations.
This video is an overview of just some of the things to do in Mazatlán. There will more videos to come as I head north in Sinaloa!

You can check out Mazatlán’s Centro Historico, beaches including Olas Altas, eat some amazing Mexican food such as Tacos Gobernador (with shrimp!), and head up to the Faro Lighthouse for some amazing views. And much more!

If you’re thinking about moving to Mexico or becoming one of the increasing number of expats in Mexico, your choices aren’t limited to popular areas like Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. You might even be looking for off the beaten track Mexico. Sinaloa is a state that, granted, you’ll need to be able to speak Spanish in, but the city and state has so much to offer, just as much as those other places!

MUSIC – (Epidemic Sound)
Listen here! –

“Rest of my Life” – Pastis feat. Kitty Lingmerth (Throughout)
“Call me out Tiger” – Velvet Moon (Plazuela Machado)
“Parallax” – Luwaks (Lighthouse)

00:00 – Intro
01:25 – Plaza Republica
03:00 – Architecture & History
04:05 – Plazuela Machado & Angela Peralta
06:16 – Climbing to the Antennas
09:21 – Olas Altas
11:34 – Tacos Gobernador & Chorreadas
15:42 – Faro Lighthouse
18:40 – Birdstrike, Impressions & Patreon Thanks

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Wandering Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2021)

This was filmed in May 2021. Weather was perfect.

Music: Sleepless Night ( by FUGUE )
Musician: Bimbotronic

10 Things NO TO DO in Puerto Vallarta 2021

Once you arrive in Puerto Vallarta, you can save money and have a better trip by keeping in mind a few things NOT to do.

We have one of the BEST VIEWS in the entire city!!

Come and enjoy our 180º Ocean-Views, pools and condos, designed to keep our traveling guests comfortable.
Also have access to the expansive rooftop deck, with Amazing Ocean-Views,and Fireworks every night!!, barbecue grills, lounge chairs and hammocks to enjoy the weather, the ocean and the tropical breeze, two blocks away from the beach and Malecon!
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Apartment Hunting in Puerto Vallarta

In today’s Puerto Vallarta vlog we are reacting to the prices of apartments in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. What do you think- are they cheap? Expensive? Somewhere in between?

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What sites did we use to search for an apartment?
Facebook Marketplace

Today’s video was rather long so we figured we would give you the timestamps of each apartment so you don’t have to hear us ramble! 😜
Into/our budget 00:00
Apartmenet #1 (900 USD) 3:40
#2 (155 USD/night) 6:01
#3 ($1,800 USD) 6:38
#4 (23,000 MXN) 8:02
#5 (47,500 MXN) 9:15
#6 (25,000 MXN) 10:54
#7 (57,000 MXN) 14:27
#8 (56,000 MXN) 14:55
#9 (8,000 MXN) 15:39
#10 (11,500 MXN) 16:50
#11 (8,500 MXN) 18:26
#12 (9,000 MXN) 19:50
#13 (9,000 MXN) 21:01
#14 (10,000 MXN) 22:45
#15 (10,500 MXN) 24:01
#16 (8,500 MXN) 25:50
#17 (10,000 MXN) 27:45
#18 29:00
#19 (2,500 USD) 31:17
#20 (17,500 MXN) 32:01