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Mis estimados, aquí les resuelvo la duda de que esta pasando en Puerto Vallarta

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The Marriott Resort and Spa Puerto Vallarta invited us to come stay at their amazing property so we could show you guys around and we couldn’t turn them down. If you are looking for a luxury resort that is in a great location (Marina Vallarta), the Marriott is a great choice for you! The food is amazing, the massages are incredible, and the service is top notch!

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The Malecón Boardwalk // #1 Thing to do Puerto Vallarta // Mexico

Today we go off resort & head to the Malecón Boardwalk for shopping, beach views, restaurants & late night drinks!

Filmed: December – May (Peak Season)

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Where to Live and Retire In Puerto Vallarta Mexico: Tour of Neighborhoods Part 2

Most people want a happy retirement or an empower retirement. They want to retiresmart being able to use their 401k, Roth, pension plan and even have an early retirement.

In my extensive travels, there are a few places where I would want to retire. Puerto Vallarta Mexico is one of the best places to retire for its affordability, weather, amazing culture and food, small town feel and more. Some like Puerto Vallarta snorkeling while others prefer to sit and look at the ocean. It is surrounded by mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. With tropical temperatures all year around, it’s easy to see why this has become such a popular destination for snowbirds, retirees and families.

Real Estate agent and friend Taniel Chemsian has been a Puerto Vallarta resident for the last 15 years. He shares why Puerto Vallarta may be the place you will want to retire.

Taniel gives me an exclusive, private tour of the different residential neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta that might be of interest. In this video, we visit the neighborhoods in Gaviotas, 5 De Diciembre, and Amapas. You can get an inside look as to what makes these neighborhoods appealing, how much a home costs, as well as other things you should know before you make the commitment to move.

We also check out a couple of condos with views that need to be seen to be believed.

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Hosted by Risa Morimoto

Mirador La Cruz, Centro de Puerto Vallarta México / La Cruz…

Mirador La Cruz, Centro de Puerto Vallarta México / La Cruz Lookout in d…

LIve From Carnival Panorama / Puerto Vallarta

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El Malecón de Puerto Vallarta vista drone nocturna 😍 Night time drone view Puerto Vallarta Malecon

Parte del Malecón de Puerto Vallarta Jalisco México, Vista desde un dron en el día y en la noche Diciembre de 2019

Desde la década de 1930 Puerto Vallarta ha tenido un Malecón, comienza en el extremo norte a un lado del Hotel Rosita – también uno de los más antiguos de la ciudad – y sigue el borde del mar hasta la plaza Aquiles Serdan, a un costado del Museo Naval cerca de la plaza principal y la Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (la “catedral”).

Es la parte más activa del centro de Puerto Vallarta, hay una gran cantidad de tiendas, restaurantes, bares y discotecas a lo largo del malecón. La mayor parte del antes llamado paseo Díaz Ordaz y el malecón está cerrado a automóviles, autobuses y taxis, por lo que podrá caminar con calma, sin temor a accidentes y libre de smog y ruido. Hay una pista dedicada a bicicletas, por lo que encontrarás tanto ciclistas como skaters (ojo).

El malecón de Puerto Vallarta fue remodelado hace algunos años, la mayoría de los lugareños no estaban muy contentos de que les hayan afectado su paseo y sus recuerdos, pero fue mejor planeado y mejorado al agregar lugares para descansar, muchas palmeras y vegetación, por lo que es un lugar ideal para un paseo familiar, para disfrutar del mar, las olas, los pequeños tramos de playa, desayunar u otras comidas en uno de los muchos restaurantes.

Hay muchas cosas que hacer en Puerto Vallarta, en el paseo marítimo hay espectáculos públicos y eventos. A mitad de camino por el paseo marítimo, junto al Señor Frog’s, encontrarás a los Voladores de Papantla, dando vueltas alrededor de un poste, desafiando la gravedad y mostrando un valor extremo, están los payasos, la música y los espectáculos de baile en Los Arcos, el anfiteatro, las esculturas de arena, los expertos en equilibrio de rocas y mucho más.

Se dice que el Malecón de Puerto Vallarta es el corazón de la ciudad, pero una cosa es segura, si visita el centro de Puerto Vallarta, debe incluir un día (al menos) para visitar el Malecón , no te arrepentirás.

Entonces, si la pregunta es qué hacer en Puerto Vallarta, su mejor lugar para comenzar a encontrar las mejores actividades en Puerto Vallarta es en el paseo marítimo, el paseo del malecón de Puerto Vallarta.

Enlace a la página de Malecon Puerto Vallarta México, consejos de viaje de Puerto Vallarta y otros consejos sobre qué hacer en Puerto Vallarta:

Partial view of the Puerto Vallarta Mexico Malecon, View from a drone at night and during the morning in December 2019

Since the 1930’s Puerto Vallarta has had a Malecon (boardwalk, seaside promenade) it starts off on the north end right by Hotel Rosita, also one of the oldest in town and follows the edge of the sea all the way to Aquiles Serdan square, by the Naval Museum close to the main square and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish (the “cathedral”).

It’s the most active part of downtown Puerto Vallarta, there are a large amount of stores, restaurants, bars and nightclubs along the malecon. Most of it is now closed to cars, buses and taxis, so you’ll be able to walk calmly, without fear of accidents and free from smog and noise. There is a dedicated area with bike lanes, so you’ll find both bikers and skateboarders.

The Puerto Vallarta malecon was remodeled some years ago, most locals were not too happy to have their memories meddled with, but it was better planned and improved by adding places to rest, lots of palm trees and vegetation, making it an ideal place for a family outing, to enjoy the sea, the waves, the small stretches of beach, eat breakfast or some other meal in one of the many great restaurants

There are lots of things to do in Puerto Vallarta, on the boardwalk there are public shows and spectacles. Halfway along the boardwalk, by Señor Frog’s, you’ll find the Papantla Flying Men (Pole Flyers) that soar through the air around a pole, defying gravity and showing extreme courage, there are the clowns, music and dance shows at the Los Arcos Amphitheater, the sand sculptures, the rock balancing experts and much more.

It is said that the Puerto Vallarta Malecon is the very heart of the city, one thing is for sure, if you visit the Puerto Vallarta Downtown area, you should save one day (at least) to go to the downtown area and visit the Malecon, you won’t regret it.

So if you are asking yourself what to do in Puerto Vallarta, your best place to start finding your perfect Puerto Vallarta activities in the seaside promenade, the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk.

Link to Malecon Puerto Vallarta Mexico page, Puerto Vallarta Travel tips and other Puerto Vallarta what to do tips:

El Malecón de Puerto Vallarta vista drone nocturna 😍 Night time…

El Malecón de Puerto Vallarta vista drone nocturna 😍 Night time drone view Puerto Vallarta Malecon

Transportes Del Pacifico | Review #13 Puerto Vallarta A Guadalajara

Bienvenidos a un nuevo review en esta ocasión probamos Transportes del Pacifico una línea de servicio económico del Grupo Estrella Blanca muy conocida por sus rutas de largo alcance en el pacifico norte y hoy viajé en otra ruta conocida la cual es PVR-GDL, acompáñenme a conocer esta experiencia!!!

#TransportesDelPacifico #Autobuses #IrizarPB

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | Travel Vlog

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