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PUERTO VALLARTA Things to Do in 2022: We’re back in Mexico again exploring a new region starting with the famous Mexican beach destination of Puerto Vallarta! This video showcases some of the best activities and attractions in the city as well as our first impressions. Enjoy!

English, Spanish, and Vietnamese subtitles available.

Los Muertos Beach:
Muelle De Playa Los Muertos:
Cuates y Cuates Restaurant:
Capitan Cajun Restaurant:
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church:
Puerto Vallarta Malecon:
Cuale Island Flea Market:

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Los Muerto Beaches
02:53 Muelle De Playa Los Muertos
04:06 Zona Romantica
05:48 Capitan Cajun Restaurant
06:31 Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
07:12 Puerto Vallarta Malecon
09:05 Cuale Island Flea Market
10:20 Final Thoughts

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Restaurants, Hotels & Shops | What is Happening in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

What is Happening In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in May, 2022

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The basics
There is no need to provide a negative PCR test or quarantine on arrival, though most resorts ask guests to fill out health questionnaires.

What are the restrictions?
Since March 2022, travelers to the country no longer need to fill out a health declaration form..

Some Mexican states or cities might have tighter restrictions than the country at large. Tourists may want to inquire with their hotels or resorts about any local directives before committing to plans.

Each state in Mexico is assigned one of four colors (green, yellow, orange, red) based on current rates of infection and hospital occupancy. Currently the status is GREEN, which means low risk.

The state of Nayarit has no mandatory mask mandate in outdoor areas, but we still need masks in supermarkets, malls, and hospitals. Although face masks are still required while using public transportation.

Let’s walk the streets, malls, supermarkets and cafes and see what happens? Are masks required or not?

Time codes
00:00 – Intro
00:37 – My offer – SPECIAL GUIDE
01:17 – What are the restrictions?
02:58 – Let’s walk around and see what happens on the streets and areas
05:18 – Restrictions in a hotel

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Expat Debbie Baker Speaks About Living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Learn all about living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from expat Debbie Baker. Debbie will be featured in my new book “Expats in Paradise: Life in Puerto Vallarta,” which will be available this coming September. Meanwhile, you can reach Debbie at::

Problems With Homelessness on the Rise in Puerto Vallarta

PolicĂ­a municipal, Estatal y Movilidad en operativo "Motolocos" | CPS Noticias Puerto Vallarta

Dado que se busca reforzar la vigilancia y el patrullaje en el municipio con el objetivo de evitar accidentes, sobre todo de motociclistas, el comisario municipal, Guillermo MartĂ­nez Moreno, informĂł que los elementos de la PolicĂ­a municipal realizarĂĄn a la par de los elementos de trĂĄnsito, labores preventivas y podrĂĄn hacer el alto e infraccionar a todo aquel motociclista que no circule con responsabilidad.

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Puerto Vallarta Coffee & Headlines • May 7, 2022

Happy Saturday! In this special, pre-recorded edition of Coffee & Headlines we revisit a place dear to our hearts that we can only visit… well, on Saturdays! Enjoy, and we’ll be back live on Monday morning. Great weekend!


Welcome to Coffee & Headlines! Coffee & Headlines is a community-sponsored project produced by Paco Ojeda for Puerto Vallarta English-speaking locals.
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Puerto Vallarta Mismaloya Beach full Walking Tour with a bit of…

Puerto Vallarta Mismaloya Beach full Walking Tour with a bit of history …

Puerto Vallarta Mismaloya Beach full Walking Tour with a bit of history too (14/12/2021)

Mismaloya Beach Puerto Vallarta a complete walking tour from the access road first to the south, the Iguana, and a complete walk from south to north, next to the condominiums La Jolla de Mismaloya, passing by the restaurants by the sea, the Mismaloya River, and the Hotel BarcelĂł. We also walk along the access road from the beach to the Federal Highway between the BarcelĂł and the river. During the tour, we review the activities, restaurants, and history of Mismaloya and the movie The Night of the Iguana, directed by John Huston in 1963. Filmed on December 14, 2021.

00:00 Las Gaviotas Restaurant
00:16 Mismaloya beach
00:43 Walking southwest along Mismaloya Beach
01:26 Teo’s Restaurant (left)
01:56 Location Map of Mismaloya
02:06 Mismaloya looking northeast
02:19 South end of the beach/Mafer Spa
02:32 Paddle Zone
02:42 View of Mismaloya from the south end
02:52 The Arches of Mismaloya
03:16 Trail to La Iguana
04:44 The Night of the Iguana Set
05:17 History of The Night of the Iguana
05:45 Guillermo Wulff / John Huston, Ray Stark and Tennessee Williams
05:59 About Guillermo Wulff
06:52 About Tennessee Williams and The Night of the Iguana
07:36 The Iguana
07:49 Iguana Pier
08:14 Commemorative plaque The Night of the Iguana and The Scarlet Buccaneer
08:34 Stairs up to The Night of the Iguana Set (closed)
08:50 Ray Stark and The Night of the Iguana
09:13 John Huston and The Night of the Iguana
09:36 Sidney “Sy” Bartlett
09:55 Guillermo Wulff, Huston and Stark agree on the win-win project
11:31 The Night of the Iguana and Puerto Vallarta
11:48 Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr and Sue Lyon
12:17 Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor
13:00 About Mismaloya and The Iguana
13:20 Jetskis and boat tours
13:36 Mismaloya Restaurants
14:12 Mismaloya River
14:37 Mismaloya River Mouth
15:13 Bridge over the river
15:54 Mismaloya access road
16:20 BarcelĂł in Apple TV+ Acapulco Series
17:07 BarcelĂł Puerto Vallarta
17:49 Beach in front of Barcelo Puerto Vallarta Resort
18:53 La Jolla de Mismaloya Condominiums (left)
19:16 View of Mismaloya Beach from the north end
20:51 Path alongside La Jolla de Mismaloya Condominiums
21:10 Richard Burton & Liz Taylor buy homes in Puerto Vallarta
21:49 John Huston, Puerto Vallarta and Las Caletas
22:46 End of path alongside La Jolla de Mismaloya Condominiums
23:24 Mismaloya Location and how to get there
24:28 North end of Mismaloya beach
24:47 Beach in front of Barcelo Puerto Vallarta
25:33 Predator movie shot in El Eden
26:01 Things you can do in Mismaloya Puerto Vallarta
26:23 Vallarta Zoo in Mismaloya
27:11 Mismaloya river and mouth
27:37 Drone view of BarcelĂł Hotel/Resort
27:47 Mismaloya River
28:22 Access road from the highway to the beach
29:30 El Eden and Edenva Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta
31:52 View of the Mismaloya River upstream
32:56 Arriving to the Federal Highway 200 and bus stop

Mismaloya Jalisco Mexico is a small town, best known for its beach, located 20 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, along the road that goes south to Costa Careyes (Highway 200/Carretera 200) that runs between the town and the beach, next to BarcelĂł Resort that used to be called “La Jolla de Mismaloya.”

In order to go into the village itself, across the road opposite the BarcelĂł you’ll find the entrance. There you will find some options for activities and visits that are highly recommended. In fact, some are among the best things to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Mismaloya, Mexico, one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta, is very nice with soft waves, very clean green-emerald waters, and golden sands of intermediate grain, not very soft, but not as rough as what you find in Yelapa. You will find yourself cleaning your swimsuit from time to time, though.

In addition to Mismaloya Beach, Puerto Vallarta, it is also one that has a lot of history. In the 60’s it could only be reached by sea, something like Las Ánimas or Yelapa nowadays. At that time, the famous film director, John Huston, decided that the hill that delimits the beach to the south and the beach itself would be part of the set for the film “The Night of the Iguana.” He brought great movie personalities to Puerto Vallarta.

Find out more, maps tips, and more on Mismaloya Jalisco at

Playa de Mismaloya Puerto Vallarta, recorrido completo 4K…

Playa de Mismaloya Puerto Vallarta, recorrido completo 4K (14/12/21) y s…

How to Move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2022 | You Need to Know This

How to move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2022 / Step by Step Guide

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Mexico has amazing food, great communities, fantastic nightlife, parks, and lots of events. There are so many things to do in Mexico, road trips to take along the country, things are cheaper and the weather is great.

Why are you relocating to Mexico?

Do you want to live in an expat town? Are you looking for retirement communities in Mexico? Are you looking more for a laid-back beach town? Do you want a place with local vibes that is very different from home? Do you want a bustling city?

You need to know the answer to that question, to understand what to expect from Mexico.

MAKE SURE YOU CAN AFFORD COST OF LIVING IN MEXICO – Yes, living in Mexico is much cheaper than in the US or Canada, but you still need to be sure that you can afford to live there.
The cost of living in Mexico can vary a lot. It varies from $500 to a few thousand a month.
JOB – If you are a digital nomad and you work on your own or you are a freelancer – PERFECT, but if you want to move to Mexico and start working there you need FM3 – temporary residence. All in all, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a job in Mexico, especially if you’re bilingual in Spanish. If you do find a job, it’ll be much easier to get an FM2 Immigrant Visa.
GET A PLACE TO LIVE IN MEXICO -I suggest you before renting an apartment for a long term to find an apartment for a few weeks, to understand if you like the area or you want to find something different. The best places to find an apartment in Mexico are: Facebook marketplace, AirBnB, VRBO, CRAIGSLIST and talk to locals.
HEALTHCARE – Healthcare in Mexico is privatized. Most people in Mexico choose to carry personal health insurance, which can save you from massive bills if you get sick or in an accident. While finding a doctor is as easy as a quick Google search, finding an English-speaking doctor can be a challenge.
LEARN THE LANGUAGE – I see more and more digital nomads and expats moving to places without speaking a word in the local language. In Mexico you will need Spanish to navigate your life. You can survive without Spanish in some towns, but it’s not going to be the same if you know language. I started to learn Spanish before I moved to Mexico.
BUYING A CAR IN MEXICO – You can buy a car in Mexico without residency, but you cannot register it under your name. While you wait for your pending residency you could buy a used car and insure it. Then register it once you can. Registering a car is simple and easy and people are very helpful.
IMPORTING PETS – Mexico is super easy when it comes to importing basic pets. It’s very simple if you have their pet documents in order.
BRINGING CHILDREN – Mexico is one of the easiest countries to move into with children. Doctors are great and you can easily and cheaply take them to a specialist or dentist. There are babysitting agencies and prices vary from 5 USD per hour to 10 USD per hour. Daycare options are endless. You can find bilingual daycares and preschool or just regular Spanish-speaking ones. You might as well give your child an opportunity to pick up Spanish effortlessly.

Time codes
00:00 – Intro
01:05 – Why are you relocating to Mexico?
01:51 – Paper work and VISAS for Mexico
02:15 – Can you afford cost of living in Mexico
02:38 – Job in Mexico
03:12 – Get a place to live in
03:42 – Learn the language
04:42 – Health care
05:24 – Open a bank account instruction
06:06 – Buying a car
07:23 – Don’t be lonely, make friends!
08:20 – Importing pets
08:36 – Bringing children

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DISCLAMER Information provided in the video is my opinion and experience only. Please ensure to do your own research and due diligence when travelling in foreign countries.